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I’m regularly contacted by people looking to guest post on my blog, and with good reason, but for those of you who don’t know the benefits of guest blogging, have a look below:

Why guest post?

Guest posting generates essential backlinks to your site (We’re Pagerank 3) and gives you and your site a lot more exposure.  So with you contributing guest posts to my blog, you get backlinks, traffic and my site and readers get more content, so everyone wins!

Every link back to your site will only make your blog more popular, Google will recognise that site’s are linking back to yours, and the more that do so, the more Google is interested in you. Hence, the more traffic you receive, and this isn’t just with Google, it’s with all search engines – Bing and Yahoo included.

When you submit a guest post, all I ask is that you follow these basic and simple guidelines



  • Please keep articles relevant to this blog, something to do with computers, blogging, internet and technology. I’m particularly interested in getting some good guides up
  • Articles should be approx 300 words and try and get in some good keywords
  • You agree to let me publish the article and I obtain full ownership of it
  • You also agree that it’s unique to this site and hasn’t been published elsewhere on the web
  • You are more than welcome to link back and make references to your own sources
  • Please credit your image sources etc….
  • Please dont put in affiliate links! Don’t abuse the system!
  • Submit your article for review via the wordpress dashboard and be sure to add the SEO details to the post and select the right category, as well as making sure all spelling, punctuation etc… is correct
  • Be sure to use bold, italics and different headings appropriately
  • You can have up to 2 links back to your site which will be added at the beginning of the post, you can also add them into the bio section of your profile which will be shown at the end
  • Don’t forget to promote your post and respond to any comments which you may get on it

And thats basically it!

Submit your articles  here.

Of course don’t forget to promote your post like mad! Digg it, Tweet it, Stumble it, let everyone know about it, as the more traffic the post gets, the better quality backlinks you get!

Thanks guys and all the best

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